Friday, 12 May 2017

Alan Watts

...and now, the latest release from my old chum Dave J:
 This is a a piece based around use of Korg Virtual Synths. Watch out for the way it draws you in...

From Beyond

...and now, the major project that has been taking up most of the creative juices of Conny Plankton lo these last few months - a whole series of tracks, jams, edits and mixes, based around use of an Arturia Beatstep Pro and its manifesttion as midi controller, sequencer, drum machine, and kipper grill...

Trinity House

Hi folks:

It all seems many a moon since there were last any bloglike activities on the quaquaversity front - but it is actually been well busy.

To start things off, here is a mega mix of an old proggie favourite, transfused and mutated through the wierd and wonderful warp of the Conny Plankton brain:

Once upon a time, there was an amazing prog band who made an amazing album. Recording was fraught with difficulties - especially the side long track which took up the entire second side of the album. Rumour had it, that there was originally a completely different version of this track, and all that had survived was 90 seconds or so that was mixed into the final released version. So - what if that original version somehow resurfaced - what could it actually sound like? Built around a loop of the mystery surviving sample, with other loops, timestretched segments and effects aplenty thrown in, is the final mega mix of the whole thing. No titles given here as to the original piece - them that know will figger it out already, or work out the clues from the cover and the title. And them that doesn't - well hope y'all enjoy it anyway!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

New Album from Prawnshocker.

And now , presenting for your further delight and defecation, is the latest album from Prawnshocker. 

Excellent stuff!


Friday, 24 March 2017

More from Krakow

This time round it's a one off mix, based around samples recorded during the recent stay in Poland and mixed in with various bass loops and off kilter beats.

Live Music from Krakow!!

February 20th saw a weird and wonderful night in Krakow , Poland: Performing live at Baza in Krakow, was Dwoogie, with extra live sets from Prawnshocker and Pete Prescription.

Here is a link to the Facebook page of the event.

And Conny Plankton was there too, having made a special backing video for the night. The three live sets were filmed on a small flipcam by Conny Plankton, and later edits made to mix a version of just the live audio set against the video made for the night.

Having said that, our first video is the live set from Prawnshocker, playing with a backing video that was made and edited by Prawnshocker himself against  his own video:

The second version is Prawnshocker's own video mix, known as The Sepia Movie:

Next in the line up, we have the live set up from Pete Prescription, first playing live against a video backdrop...

...and then with live audio mixed into the Conny Plankton video mix.

And now, for the star turn of the night, with Dwoogie playing an amazing live set: 

...and then as a video mix with live audio mixed into the Conny Plankton video.

Further mention should be made of the reaction to this video, which has now been banned in ten countries!

We are working on getting this dispute sorted out - but apologies if any of these videos show up as being blocked from wherever you are watching it from!

Finally, an extra big thank you for Marcin Barski, who organised the gig for our three performers at Baza at Krakow and made it such an amazing night.

Thanks to to everyone who turned up - it really was a great night!

And of course, Baza is well worth checking out when you're in Krakow:

Baza, Floriańska 15, Kraków
Run by: Wojtek Kozielski
(an excellent bloke and great beer!)

Great people and excellent beer!

Friday, 17 March 2017

R.I.P. Jak

Jak Sowerby: 1954-2017

One of my oldest friends, Jak Sowerby, passed away on the 3rd March 2017 after a short battle with cancer.

Jak was one of those highly creative people who wove in and out of people's lives: he was always buzzing with thousands of amazing ideas, from comix, to music, to video. He left behind pages and pages and pages of comix, untold lo fi tapes and a whole series of video projects. He had an infectious enthusiasm that would get people joining in the most unlikely of projects and ideas - dressing up as robots in cardboard boxes, singing into an old pair of headphones as a microphone while playing a three string guitar..

Lots of us got swept up in the mad ride that was Jak - without him there would be no Conny Plankton, and this blog would not exist. This post in the blog is a small showcase sent in by various friends and collaborators as a memory of Jak.

He will be sorely missed.

First is a tribute remix piece from Conny Plankton:

Next we have a series of Photographs from Dave Johnston - he and Jak went on many weird and wonderful adventures together:

 ..Jack chillin' at the Cannabis March in Brixton...

 An artistic rendering of our Jack by Dave...

Jack and Dave as Trekkies!

A Movie made with Jak and his brother Anth...

Next we have some comments and a contribution from Prawnshocker:

"Just heard that Jak died on Friday. Very sad news.
I improvised a lead vocal on this track of his, apart from the final rap, which was delivered by Jak.

Jak once told  me that he had a plan for the perfect crime. Then he added, "But it's only a two-man job, so one of you already knows too much"." 

Very sad news indeed."

From Michael Gilham we first have Bullshit Detector Van...

...and then, Atomic Bliss...

...and New! Just in - with production from the Reverend Dhumpa Phatti (to get all tracks converted to digital format and arranged in order) and new artwork cover from Conny Plankton, is the full length album from Jak Sowerby and Friends - Sanity Vampires is one of Jak's many musical projects, and the first full one to surface here on the pages of the blog (although some tracks from the album can be checked elsewhere in this post)...

...and there is more to come: watch this space!