Friday, 15 September 2017

Fade V Morph

A new mix here, based on big time use of the cross fade clips function in Audacity, as several published Conny Plankton tracks get the full treatment, evolving into something weird and wonderful. 

Should I add that it all came to me yet again in a dream?

Friday, 1 September 2017

Legacy of Summer

This Summer has been well active on the Conny Plankton front, with a whole series of themes and explorations based around using the rather excellent Korg Legacy Cell VST synth. 

The results became rather prolific with all sorts of ideas getting thrown around. 

Here we go again: Enjoy!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017


And now - another album's worth of sonic madness. A new series of tracks, loosely linked around the theme of being originated through different apps on an Ipad. Everything produced by hand - every sound generated by touch - with lost of help from lots of different devices of course!

Here we go again:

Another long ambient mix

Onward we go - now into a long ambient mix, being based on connecting three different sources of audio. What you have hear is an interconnecting mix of streams taken from sounds simulating a newborn baby from within the womb; sounds from within a church; a selection of didgeridoo sounds - all mixed and interwoven together into a totally new soundscape. Nothing else added or overdubbed.

Master of Lunacy

Hi folks:
Things have been well active on the creative front recently, with a bunch of new stuff now being unleashed. To get the ball a-rollin' here is a link to a new video - based around photographs taken by Conny Plankton, and with a track made specially for the video mix. Watch out folks - definitely not the kind of video you see every day. Don't forget to click on the video to see it full screen.


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Lost the Plot

Hi folks:

Here is a missing gem from the late Jak Sowerby.  Click on the link, to find more stuff about Jak!

Lost the Plot was a video made around 10 years ago, and is the video that everyone who knew Jak has been asking to see again. 

It was lost for many years after being taken down from youtube, so many thanks to the Rev Dhumpa Phatti for finding a copy and putting it up onto youtube.

So without any more, let us none the less as soon as possible and take you to...Lost the Plot.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Extra Rocket

...and here we go all over again, with further lavish helpings of tracks based around the loose theme of using the Waldorf Rocket Desktop Synthesiser - but this time on an emphasis of working with edited midi files converted from audio samples.

Plus! As an extra bonus, a mega remix off the Mixcloud site with a new track based on collating and a mashing together of three of the tracks from the Rocket Salad series: